Remote Learning with iFunza for School Administrators


Learning at home is different ...

- A child's home is a powerful learning enivronment

- It is not realistic to replicate the school day at home

- Remote learning is most effective when activities integrate with the home environment and a relationships

- Teachers and Families need to work together

- We need to support students to work independently and give families tools to support their child

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Create A Remote Learning Plan

What is a Remote Learning Plan?

A thoughtful remote learning plan starts with thoughtful questions. A remote learning plan lays out the full strategy for how to move classes online. It will serve as the guide for your school staff and explains both the logistics of how to conduct classes online and how to communicate the plan. The plan should contain three sections, one for teachers, a second for students and a third for parents and guardians. Each section needs to provide details on what your school is using for online classes and how to access them.

Check out this administrator planning guide to get started


Planning For Your First Digital Class

Consider scheduling the first digital class for one hour in advance of the actual class. Students with questions can join early and be dismissed when the teacher deems them trained on the system. Others will have a chance to message the teacher within iFunza if they need more help. Also have a plan to address the issue if students can’t or don’t join digital classes. Not all students will have access to a smartphone, tablet, computer or internet. Talk through a plan for those individuals.

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