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Set Up Your Admin Dashboard in 3 Steps
1. Activate your admin account
2. Create Teachers and Assign Classes
3. Add new classes to your Dashboard

Step 1: Activate Your Admin Account
- Check your email for an invitation to activate your Admin Account.
- Click Activate your Account and follow the prompts to set your password.
- Can’t find it? Search for “School account created successfully” in your email search box or check your spam folder.

Still can’t find it? Email

The Admin Dashboard is where you can manage teachers, students, and classes in iFunza

Step 2: Create Teachers
- Select “View Teachers” to add new teachers, including their classes, students, and student work to your Admin Dashboard.
- Create Teachers in your school by clicking on "Add Teacher". Input first name, last name and email (required)
- An email address can only be used once. If you try to reuse one, the email address will show up as “already taken” when you try to do so.
- We know accidents happen. If you need a school email address deleted, to enable a teacher to edit their email address, contact


Step 3: Add New Classes and Assign Teachers
- To create a classroom, from your admin dashboard select classrooms then select "view and create".
- Select "create new" input Class Name, Grade and Assign Class Teacher
- After creating the class you can start importing the students to the class.
- We formally recommend bulk uploading for adding classes with a CSV file to ensure your dashboard is set up correctly.

You can then formally assign parents to students from the admin dashboard.

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