Remote Learning for Teachers Already Using iFunza


Engage families in conversations centered on student learning. Families connect to their child’s iFunza journal to participate in their student’s learning, see student work, and celebrate progress.

Families can connect to their child’s journal on the web ( or by downloading the iFunza App, available on iOS and Android. Connecting families to their child’s journal helps you keep families in the loop and engaged in their child’s learning through personalized, easy to use, safe, and visual updates.

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When families connect to their child’s journal, they can only see their individual child’s work, or group projects that their child is tagged in.


To get started, make sure that you have added students to your class before you invite their families. Log in to your teacher account from the web (at or from the mobile app. Go into the class you'd like to connect families to and post educational content to the class.

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